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Inspired by craftsmanship

We're fueled by the originality and ingenuity of artisans with unmatched passion for their craft. From watchmakers to chefs and tattoo artists, we appreciate our shared dedication to perfecting the details.

On target. A watch’s movement and dial work together in harmony. Just like the upper and sole of our shoes, which are seamlessly, elegantly bonded together with our innovative FLUIDFORM™ technology.

Finish position. chef is forever searching for the exact ingredients and flavours that create original, delicious food. We found the perfect balance of cushioning and rebound for unparalleled stability.

Inside the leather. Made up of tiny dots of ink, a tattoo is a wearable piece of art that follows the curves of the human body. Our shoes feel like a second skin: our uppers are crafted from rich, luxuriously soft leathers mirroring the contours of the human foot.